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Body Piercing

    We are happy to answer any questions regarding piercing, please just ask.  Piercing is carried out by appointment only and we require a £10 deposit when an appointment is made.  For an appointment please telephone 01556 504443.

    Age consent:

    Piercings will not be carried out on any individual who is:-
    under 16 years of age unless permission is given by an individual with parental rights for that child. (If there is any doubt about age, photograrphic ID will be required.  If it cannot be provided then unfortunately we will be unabel to carry out the piercing.)
    If a person is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

    Price List:

    All piercing including nose piercing is carried out using titanium jewellery.

    BCR £30.00
    Barbell £30.00

    Nose Stud £20.00

    Labret Lower Lip, Stud or Ring £25.00
    Madonna, Top Lip, Stud or Ring £25.00

    BCR/Barbell £35.00

    Ear Lobe Piercing £20.00
    Tragus £20.00
    Scaffold Pierce, Barbell, £35.00

    BCR/Barbell £25.00
    Navel (Single Jewel) £30.00
    Navel (Double Jewel) £35.00

    Please note we do not do Dermal Piercings.

    Please feel free to bring a friend along with you when you are having your piercing.


    Customers should follow the aftercare advice given by our body piercer.  If aftercare advice is not followed, a piercing is at risk of becoming infected.
    Clients should also be aware of the following risks that may be associated with piercing and consider these before giving consent for the procedure:-  allergic reaction to jewellery, migration or rejection of jewellery, localised infection at the piercing site, localised swelling and trauma.

    We reserve the right to decline to carry out a piercing.